This multifaceted piece is a representation of myself as an artist created with and portraying my many mediums, specifically highlighting the duality of playing both roles as model and photographer. The project explores duality within my artistic roles and how they can work together.

The project serves as a personification of my artistic identity across various passions and disciplines, made up of photography aspects, fashion design, and construction, along with my experience in modeling. The project consists of two main components, a reversible garment and the mannequin. The multiple mediums being used and exhibited in this piece encompass the abilities and knowledge I have as an image maker.

The reversible vest has distinct black and white fabric on either side to visually articulate the duality of these roles. The side with underlying black fabric is covered with abstracted production equipment. To emphasize the hidden complexities of digital production. The reverse side based on white fabric is embellished with patchwork representing past garments I have modeled. Along with self-portraits embedded within the patchwork, the series of images conveys a variety of self-expression which I replay in my personal style and when I am in front of the camera. The mannequin is covered in printed images of my skin with exposed pieces of the plastic mannequin. The exposed skin contributes to the process of artists through the evolution of their art and themselves as a person throughout their career and life.


Can you walk us through the creative process behind selecting the images to be printed on the garment and the mannequin? How did you decide which aspects of your identity as both photographer and model to showcase?

Within photography, the image always depends on the subject. Within all genres of image-making, the photograph has a subject to portray the artist’s intent. The camera and the subject combine to construct the image. The photographer and model support one another to create a successful image. My intention when selecting the images to be printed was to show the relationship between the production of an image within an image itself, and the variety of which I can conduct a camera. I wanted each side of the garment to look like a purposeful textile in the fabric. I created patchwork and abstraction textiles on either side of the garment with the use of recycled fabric and iron to transfer images. The mannequin is intended to be a stand-in for myself as the artist, connecting the idea of modelling with models being a display for clothing, designers, and photographers. The connection between photographers and models through the subject, especially in the fashion world, is symbiotic. They consistently support each other. When developing this project, it became more personal and acted as an extension of myself as an artist, which led me to show more of my physical self as well as my relationship with the camera and supporting mediums. The choice of the images was less about each individual selection and more about making a cohesive group of images that reflect each other.

Your work seems to challenge traditional notions of photography and modelling. How do you navigate the boundaries between these two roles in your artistic practice?

I know about being both in front of and behind the camera. Having this understanding provides me with a distinctive viewpoint, enabling me to better assist the opposition’s role by knowing their expectations of me. I wanted to emphasize that, as an artist, I possess the knowledge of how to capture the desired moment from both sides.

How does the physical act of wearing the garment and interacting with the mannequin influence the viewer’s perception of your work?

I believe seeing the work in person allows the viewer to visualize how each role, the photographer and the model/subject, reinforce each other and support each other in the creation of art. The garment being reversible represents the interconnectedness of the roles. The viewer being able to wear the garment transports them instantly into becoming a part of the piece. When the viewer interacts with my piece, they now become a part of my journey as an artist.

Could you speak to the significance of using your own body and image as the primary subject matter in this project? 

The use of images of my skin was to give the mannequin a sense of life and purpose within the space of the piece. The piece is to represent myself as an artist and the perception I have as a model in photography. Using my skin made the mannequin have a direct connection to me and the intention of having it have value within the space.

How does your background as both a photographer and a model influence your approach to creating this artwork, and how does it reflect your personal experiences and perspectives?

Within the self-portraits, I wanted to show the variety I can display for the camera. I become a character when I am performing for the lens. This project is a collection of my experiences being on set throughout the years. It focuses on the differences and similarities of each role and also the importance of each role concerning one another. When I model on set with a photographer I have met for the first time, I am easily able to understand the expectations and intentions of the photographer. The images used throughout the piece to represent the production side of photography were selected with the idea of equipment in mind, ones that are commonly used in modern photography, such as c-stands and strobes. Everything I have incorporated into the piece I have deemed as important or substantial in the act of image-making.

Eve Violet

Eve Violet is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto who specializes in image creation. The work expresses their passions at the intersection of makeup artistry and fashion. Eve provides an individual perspective from their time in the modeling world, crafting a multifaceted artistic identity that combines the knowledge of being in front and behind the lens. With an eye for aesthetics and a dedication for creative expression, Eve navigates the realms of multi-media and hybrid art forms, infusing her work with a distinctive blend of innovation and personal experience. Growing up as a dancer, the human form has always been an interest and photography has allowed Eve to continue their interest in the spectacle of the human condition. Their work contains themes of their own experience and perspective, as well as commercial still life and portraiture.