Delving into the chaotic preparations backstage, exposing the organic interplay between creativity and chaos. The images within this collection embody the palpable energy and anticipation that precede each show, offering a unique perspective on the moments that pave the way to the polished façade of the runway.

Portraits, both posed and spontaneous, I offer glimpses into the personalities that mold the fabric of the fashion landscape. By capturing the unfiltered exchanges between designers and models, the collaborative spirit that breathes life into the designs is illuminated. Each frame becomes a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the creators and their creations.

This body of work is an invitation to peel back the layers of glamour and spectacle, offering a nuanced exploration of the human side of the fashion industry. By presenting the candid and unscripted moments that transpire off the runway. I aim to provide viewers with an authentic glimpse into the multifaceted tapestry of emotions, relationships, and artistry that defines these four days. Each photograph encapsulates a fragment of the collective narrative, inviting viewers to contemplate the untold stories that exist beyond the curated glamour of the fashion week stage.


What do you look for when shooting behind the scenes? How does shooting for fashion week differ from your other work?

When shooting behind the scenes, I am drawn to capturing raw energy, candid moments, and the organized chaos that unfolds backstage. I look for authentic emotions, interactions, and a high-paced environment juxtaposed with moments of calmness. Backstage at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), the atmosphere is charged with creativity and a constant flux of last-minute ideas. One of the things that I found myself catching the most was the energy of the models, always obvious and present, getting their makeup done, rehearsing their walk, or simply waiting for their turn. Whether it was by turning their head, parting their lips or just looking at the camera, their presence was tangible in every shot. This added a layer of dynamism to the backstage environment, I aimed to capture not just the final polished looks, but also the creation of the moments that contribute to the overall spectacle.

Were there any challenges you faced when completing this project? How did you overcome them?

Several. Primarily navigating the dynamic and fast-paced nature of fashion week. The crowded space, dealing with various light conditions, and capturing fleeting moments amidst the hustle were significant hurdles. However, as difficult as it was at first, I quickly realized the excitement and the energy of the area was contagious, so I learned to embrace the unpredictability and fast pace of the environment. This newfound appreciation allowed me to overcome the initial challenges with a sense of excitement and determination.

Describe any interactions you had with the people you photographed during fashion week. Did they react differently in the presence of the camera?

Interacting with people was different every time, there was such a diverse range of reactions and personalities, which was one of the best parts of it because it meant I could never get the same image twice. Some of the models were seasoned pros, exuding confidence and ease in front of the camera. Their familiarity with the spotlight was evident in their relaxed demeanour, showcasing a natural comfort that comes with experience.

On the other hand, I also had the privilege of photographing people who were relatively new to modelling or had limited experience. From them, the presence of the camera elicited a different response. Some were visibly conscious of being photographed, their movements more deliberate as they navigated backstage.

Throughout the process, I observed a stark contrast in reactions, which provided insight into the different levels of comfort and confidence among the models. Regardless of experience, each interaction was an opportunity to capture authentic moments and emotions, this diversity added to the backstage energy and highlighted the range of experiences and perspectives within the fashion world. At the end of the day, this project is a testament to the people behind the scenes; it’s not about garments, but about the human narratives that animate the fashion landscape.

How do your images speak to the fashion landscape? What commentary do you think your images are making in terms of the spectacle/glamour vs. authenticity?

My images offer a commentary on the duality of the fashion landscape, exploring the intersection between both ends, the stereotypical glamour, and its vibrant reality. By capturing the behind-the-scenes chaos, creativity, and authentic moments I aim to challenge conventional perceptions and celebrate the diversity within the industry.

What are you most proud of about this project? Do you see yourself expanding this project in the future?

What I am most proud of about this project is the personal growth it represents for me. It’s not just about capturing the collections per season, but also about challenging myself to work in demanding environments like this, pushing my boundaries, and discovering new capabilities. Looking forward, I envision expanding this project further. I discovered a newfound passion for capturing scenes like these and the limitless variations and narratives that unfold with each person. Throughout this ongoing journey, I hope to continue uncovering the beauty, diversity, and authenticity that live within the threads of the industry, inviting viewers to see beyond the glamour and embrace the humanity behind the runway.

Pérez Figuereo

Adriana Pérez Figuereo is a Dominican/Spanish student photographer. Her journey has been inspired by a fascination for visual arts and fashion scenes, which have enabled her to identify the allure of capturing raw, unfiltered moments that contradictorily, have been carefully designed. In her creative process, Adriana finds a delicate balance between meticulous planning and the spontaneity of capturing genuine emotions. In her studio work, she curates visual narratives that seamlessly blend elegance with images filled with movement and visual meaning.