The Creative Edit

with Isabella Della Penna


Who is your main inspiration for your process?

One of my biggest inspirations is Swedish photographer and visual artist, Erik Johansson. His ability to craft breathtaking scenes has always captivated me and inspired me to incorporate them into my work. I have always been interested in bringing to life ideas and concepts which is the beating heart of Johansson’s work. His capacity to create magic using Photoshop is truly remarkable and unique, and his ability to balance storytelling and breathtaking visuals is something I aspire to create.

How long did it take you to develop your style, and what were the different steps you took to get there?

It took me several months to plan exactly how I wanted the series to look and come together. My styling of the images is heavily dependent on the central idea which took me a while to figure out and work through. Every image took a lot of planning and preparation, even down to the last minute. Because my images are so intricate, I needed to plan the setup and post-production process and some images worked better than others with planning. When it came to editing, I had a general idea of how I was going to execute them but I was figuring it out as I went for most of them.

Do you have a straight idea when creating an image, or does it change as you are making it?

Yes and no. It truly depends on how strong my vision is for the image and in what ways I can make it come to life. The image of the Fairy Garden for example was a very clear and straight idea I had and stayed consistent throughout the process. However, images like the Floating Jellyfish and the Box Landscape were constantly changing and I had to keep adapting in order to make them work.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of making such pushed imagery?

My favourite parts were definitely the shoots and most of the process of making the images. I enjoyed problem-solving in Photoshop and watching the concept come together, especially when it was difficult to see the final result. I also loved working with many individuals on projects and having the opportunity to work with kids. Some of my least favourite parts were how rushed everything felt at times and finding mistakes that caused me to go back and reshoot. Even though this project had a lot of ups and downs, I am very happy with the results and the experience it gave me.

Bella Della Penna

Della Penna

Isabella Adele Della Penna is an emerging photographer, photo editor, and cinematographer based in Toronto with a drive to take on new challenges and experiences. Isabella is developing her skills in a number of different styles, specifically portrait, surreal/conceptual digital art, and commercial photography.

She has technical skills in many Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Indesign, etc. She also has working experience in 3D software, specifically Blender. She aspires to grow as a photo creator and digital artist.