Function is a visual art and culture publication that is curated, designed, and produced by a team of 4th-year students at the School of Image Arts. Our magazine’s primary focus is the work of current students, faculty, and industry professionals working with lens-based media and engaging contemporary art discourse.

Image by: Natalie Haas

Editorial Statement

Transcendence (trænˈsen.dəns) n. – A call to artists to push boundaries, erase limits, and elevate the artistic form. Acting as a mirror, the theme reflects a zeitgeist of the digital era. Serving as a reminder that the evolution of photography is intertwined with technological advancements, the imagery within Function 25 pushes the medium to adapt and redefine itself continually. We hope to invite readers on this transcendent voyage, where art becomes a bridge to the extraordinary and the retrospective gaze is not a nostalgic longing for the past but a springboard to the present.

Through a variety of lens-based and mixed-media works, the content within is a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when artists dare to dream beyond the constraints of the expected. The theme urges artists to surpass the boundaries of traditional artistry, fostering a platform where creativity knows no bounds. In a world with new methods of creation appearing each day, Transcendence challenges creators to break free from the ordinary, inventing new boundaries of medium and form, together as individuals.

As the 25 anniversary of Function Magazine is upon us, we would like to extend our thanks to those who have supported Function, continuing the tradition of producing a physical publication that showcases the work of the Image Arts community. Function would not be possible without the support of our readers, contributors, and the gracious patrons, who continue to inspire our efforts.

Faculty Advisors

Michèle Pearson Clarke
Alex Alter


Andora Graphics Inc.


Olga Bergmans

Special Thanks To

Maximum Exposure 29 Team
Hongen Nar
Aseel Kafil
Darren Cerkownyk
Lindsay Hanna
Nadya Kwandibens
Geoffrey Pugen
Hannah Doucet
Sabrina Dewes
Eve Violet Hannon
Adriana Pérez Figuereo

Editorial Team

Alec Boyle – Finance & Marketing Director
Selina Chea – Digital and Content Director
Olivia Graham – Design & Print Director
Olivia Gentil – Production & Communications Director

Publication Cover Images

Side A – Eve Violet Hannon
Side B – Selina Chea

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