This is Function.

Function is a visual art and culture publication that is curated, designed, and produced by a team of 4th-year students at the School of Image Arts. Our magazine’s primary focus is the work of current students, faculty, and industry professionals working with lens-based media and engaging contemporary art discourse.

Function 24 Editorial Note 

All of us together—our readers, contributors, patrons, and the students of Image Arts—have kept this tradition alive for over 20 years. Through every transition and every change, we have used this book to define ourselves and find a common language of images and ideas. 

The goal of Function 24 is to give a platform to the Image Arts community by showcasing photographic work, essays, and interviews. This year’s physical publication includes a broad selection of work by current Image Arts students, a review of IMA alumni John Delante and Ananna Rafa’s exhibition “shrouded gaze,” as well as interviews with industry professionals Alyssa Bistonath, Amber Bracken, and Wynne Neilly. 

As we continue to grapple with the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our vision for this year’s publication has been to reflect on this transitional moment, an idea which is embodied in this year’s theme “Looking In, Looking Out.” We are interested in examining the contemporary image-based landscape as it stands in a position between introspection and foresight. Our collective emergence from this inward retreat is still ongoing, and we intend to embrace both what we have gained, as well as what we have lost. As such, we have brought together works from diverse image makers that range from the personal and the intimate, to the social and the public, all of which reflect on the issues and perspectives that define the global context in which we work. 

As we approach the 25 anniversary of Function Magazine, we would like to extend our thanks to those who have supported Function and allowed us to continue the tradition of producing a physical publication which allows us to showcase the work of the Image Arts community. Function would not be possible without the support of our readers, contributors, and the gracious patrons, who continue to inspire our efforts. 

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