This is Function.

Function is a visual art and culture publication that is curated, designed, and produced by a team of 4th-year students at the School of Image Arts. Our magazine’s primary focus is the work of current students, faculty, and industry professionals working with lens-based media and engaging contemporary art discourse.

Function 23 Editorial Note 

All of us together—our readers, contributors, patrons, and the students of Image Arts—have kept this tradition alive for over 20 years. Through every transition and every change, we have used this book to define ourselves and find a common language of images and ideas. 

The 2022 edition of Function: Photographic Futures is inspired by the changing world around us. We often look to images to help us define possible futures, new modes of care, and nascent communities. This issue hopes to do all those things and more. In bringing it out into the world, our guiding principle has been to amplify the voices of the diverse communities within the School of Image Arts and the greater art and academic spheres. We think of this publication as a conduit for understanding experiences outside of our own, inspiring future generations of makers and thinkers to empathize, form solidarity, and engage in transformative action.

Oftentimes, we forget our significance in the world, and we underestimate the power images have to move communities, start initiatives, and show us ways of building the future. We hope this issue is a reminder to every one of the connections between us—it is those connections that make it possible to imagine alternative futures. 

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Annie MacDonell

Alex Alter


Andora Graphics Inc

Copy Editor

Taylor Lytle-Hewlett

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Noah Nicholson

Editorial Team

Juliana Causi – Print & Design Director

Kelsey Myler – Creative Director

Jennifer Qu – Finance & Community Outreach Director

Ananna Rafa – Web Director & Partnerships 

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